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Thanks for your order. In this report you can find a full list of all the news sites where your article was published, as well as your Trust Badge. For the best results we recommend at least one order per month.

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Publications Publications
The total amount of live publications that we created for your order.
News Sites News Sites
The total amount of news sites that published your news story. Some sites may have published your article in multiple areas of their site.
Followers Followers
The combined social media followers & subscribers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube for the news sites that published your article.
Monthly Readers Monthly Readers
The total amount of monthly readers from the news sites that published your article.


Below are live links to all of your publications. Most news sites will host your article for up to two years, but some, such as Market Watch and, may remove your article after a few months to keep their sites fresh. For the best SEO results, we recommend at least one order per month.

Google may index some of these articles by the time you receive your report, but it can take time to index all of them. Google may show some of these articles when searching for your name, brand name, or other search terms. But since that is up to Google's Algorithms, it's not something we guarantee.


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